How to impress a girl on this diwali?

Impressing a girl on diwali, make it easy

impress a girl on diwali

Diwali is round the corner and like everyone you being an Indian must be excited about it, right? Well that’s an obvious thing to feel as Diwali, the festival of lights is the biggest day of celebration for the Indians. So if you are planning to celebrate this day with your loving girlfriend then you definitely need to come up with something impressive for her which she will love to cherish forever in her memories.
The biggest day of celebration for Indians is the day of Diwali which is also reckoned as the festival of lights. It is the victory celebration of good over bad. However there are various significances of Diwali celebration. The auspicious day is meant for Laxmi Ganesh worship, celebrate the return day of Lord Ram after 14 years of exile and to light and decorate home and places around.
So if you are planning to celebrate the festival of lights with your dearest girlfriend whom you love the most then planning to impress her with little-little efforts can make Diwali 2016 a memorable day of celebration for both.
There is lot that can be done on Diwali if celebrating it with girlfriend. However some of the ideas to impress her instantly are:

let us tell you some ways to impress a girl this diwali

Plan a Visit at Nearby Ganesh Temple: Yes, she would love a guy who respects Indian traditions and cultures. Moreover she will love the idea of visiting a nearby Ganesh temple as it will help her worship lord Ganesh and seek blessings for lifelong togetherness.

Gift a Traditional Attire to Wear on Diwali: It will be great if you gift traditional attire like an Anarkali suit or a saree to her which she can wear on the celebration day of Diwali. Not only she would love the idea of gifting such an amazing Diwali Gift to her but will also love to get dressed in it and look gorgons and traditional on Diwali.

Plan a Night Out with Her Friends: The best way to express your feelings of care to her is by showing your concern for her loved ones. So this Diwali, if you planning to celebrate the auspicious day with her then plan for a night out with all her friends with whom she loved to hang out with. You can make it a surprise for her by calling her friends at a common place for Diwali celebration. With you and her friends, sh e will definitely enjoy the festival of Diwali to her fullest.

Take Her to a Place with Exquisite Lighting & Decoration: If you know such a place in your city where there is exquisite display of lights, crackers and decoration on the day of Diwali celebration then plan to accompany her to that place. She would love to roam around hand in hands with you to such a magnificent place. It can be famous temple, shopping mall, fort and other such spot where you can take her for romantic Diwali celebration.
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Gift Diyas, Sweets or Crackers with Her to Poor Kids: Which girl won’t love a persona with such a kind heart? In deed she will fall in love with you instantly if you plan a day out with her to a place where you both can donate, diyas, sweets or crackers to little poor children. It will be a thoughtful idea of sharing happiness with needy ones on this Diwali which will steal your beloved’s heart.
So, this Diwali, make your special lady feel special with a special effort. Let her celebrate the auspicious day of Diwali with beautiful memories to cherish forever in life.

wrapping up:
diwali is near so we will suggst you to make your move to impress a girl this diwali

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  1. very informative article. will definitely use these tactics in 2017 :P thanks for sharing